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We will conclude with the geniture of Philippe Noiret, the great French actor died of cancer on 23rd November 2006, shortly after his 76th birthday. It is not so usual to see, for a death, so a wide and strong attack to life significators, as the one we see in this example: two anaeretic directions to the Lights, two ingresses (epembáseis) of the malefics in the return, two profection encounters of the Lights with malefics.

Figure 6 - Philippe Noiret geniture

Noiret was born in Lille, on 1st October 1930[18], when 21°30’ Gemini was rising. It’s a night geniture and the Moon is in the ninth place. Let’s list the encounters taking place at the moment of his death: (figure 7) starting from the ones concerning the lord of time: [19].

1. Anaeretic direction of the lord of time: the arc of direction is 76°.534 and through this arc the Moon arrives in the sixth place, to the exact equidistance with Saturn. It’s the direction we have chosen in order to rectify the birth time, anticipating it of 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

2. In the return the Moon at 17°45’ Capricorn is at the opposition of the natal Mars, at 20°20' Cancer. In the figure the Moon is in the angle at IC, and suffers the predominant square from Mars, angular in the first house, at 15°03’ Libra, under the Sun’s beams. The malefic beholds the Moon in zodiac, and more precisely, in mundo.

3. The profection of the Moon is at 7°55’ Cancer and opposes natal Saturn. The exact encounter with Saturn degree, 5°39’, takes place on 1st November, 22 days before the death.

Figure 7 - The attack of malefics
to the three life significators

4. The zodiacal direction of the Moon is at 14°14’ Aries and in the return, in the opposite side, we find Mars at 15°03’ Libra. This epémbasis by opposition, quite precise, takes place near the Eastern angle, while Mars is under the Sun’s beams. The Sun is at 7°56’ Libra, just above the horizon, and Mars beholds it with a mundane parallel. The Sun is always harmful when the Moon is the time Light and in this case we can say that the presence of Mars’ light under the Sun light increases the damage to the direction of the Moon, which receives the opposition of a single harmful ray.

5. Anaeretic direction of the other luminary. The Sun, which in the nativity is in the fifth place at 3.07 hours from IC, receives by direction Saturn’s body, which arrives at 2.99 hours. The exact encounter took place in the month of July of the past year, but it is still quite powerful.[20].

6. The profected Sun is at 24°05’ Pisces and partile opposes the degree of directed Mars, which falls at 25°22' Virgo. The encounter takes place on 7th December, 15 days after his death.

7. Lastly, Saturn of the return makes its ingress at 21°31’ Leo on the exact degree of the directed horoscope 21°34' Leo. This very powerful epémbasis completes the attack of the malefics to the three life significators: Moon, Sun and horoscope.

So far we have not yet considered the other planets, in order to focus our attention on the powerful configuration of the two malefics to the Lights and to the horoscope. Mercury and Venus rule on the year, the former being in the sign of the year, just two degrees from the encounter with the profected horoscope, the latter because of its domicile in Libra. Moreover Venus is, we can say so, the rex[21] of the return, ruling the Libra horoscope and Sun-Mars conjunction, which we saw afflicting the direction of the Moon. But it’s weak, because it is falling, near the heliacal setting[22], and does not behold life significators. Moreover: both Venus and Mercury are ferales[23] in the zodiac, almost “without any interest” for what is happening. In mundo, only Venus has an hexagon with Jupiter, but no figure with Lights or the horoscope. By direction Mercury arrives at the mundane square with the Sun, and in the directed chart acquires the equidistance (rapt parallel) with Saturn, which is in the same time a square. Natal Venus is in the 6th house, equidistant (mundane parallel) from Saturn, and in fact the encounter no.2 (Moon to Saturn parallel) is a direction of the Moon to Venus too. This figure took place in July 2005, while Saturn arrived to the Sun (encounter no.5). In that moment Sun of the return was with Jupiter and Venus beheld the Moon by a parallel of declination, but in the return for 2006 Venus- falling, feralis, and almost at its heliacal setting - could only watch helplessly to the perfection of the encounter between Moon and Saturn, and to the general prevailing of the destructive figures. The weak hexagon which the Moon receives from Jupiter, peregrine. far from the angles, and overwhelmed by Saturn[24], cannot save an irretrievably compromised situation.

[18] Coordinates: 50N38, 3E04. Rectified time: 20h25m30s UT (-4m30s). Source: AstroDataBank: Noiret Philippe, Rodden rating AA, 20h30m UT.

[19] The Moon in the ninth place in a night nativity is the Ptolemaic apheta (Tetr.III, 11).  However, as far as often we have found that the anaeretic direction afflicts one of aphetic significators independently from Ptolemy rules (among the seven here showed, the only examples which totally agree with rules of the determination of the apheta are the ones of Pirandello, Jackson and Noiret), we prefer to refer to the Moon calling it lord of time, rather than apheta

[20]  If we choose this direction for the rectification of the birth time, we should postpone of 16 minutes, to 20h46m UT.

[21]  Following Vitali, who splits the two notions, we called rex of the geniture the planet which has most rights of rulership on the main life significators, without considering its strength, and miles of the geniture the strongest planet, without considering its rulership. Gerolamo Vitali, Lexicon Mathematicum...Parisiis, 1668 s.v. dominus genituræ and Giuseppe Bezza, Marco Fumagalli, La dottrina delle natività e il dominio, On line classical astrology course (2003).

[22]  Venus disappears in the light of the Sun eight days after the return, on 9th October 2006.

[23] The condition of feralitas is the absolute absence of aspects (void of course). The feralis or agrestis planet is strongly impeded and is similar to the man who lives alone. Cf. Giuseppe Bezza, Commento al primo libro della Tetrabiblos di Claudio Tolemeo, Milano 1990, p. 385.

[24] Saturn - the only planet above the horizon which is not in a falling place - is surely the stronger planet (miles) in the return (see note no.21) and beholds Jupiter with a predominant square.

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