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The profected horoscope is in Libra and meets the opposition of the natal Mars[16] a 15°32’. The exact encounter takes place on 6th July 1991, almost a month after his death. The three degrees’ orb around Mars shows that the event (†) falls in the space of effectiveness of the encounter.

Birth data: 6th February 1903, Chillan (Chile), 36S36, 72W07. Rectified time: 4h36m10s UT, 7h February 1903 (-5m50s).
Source: AstroDataBank: Arrau Claudio, rating AA, birth time11h54m PM, 4h42m UT.
Death: 9th June 1991, 89th year. Anaeretic direction: Saturn to the equidistance (mundane parallel) of the Moon. In the return: the Moon is equidistant from Saturn and opposite by declination to Mars. Saturn direction, at 26°27 Libra, falls in the sign of the year.


The profected horoscope is in Aries and arrives to the opposition with the natal Saturn on 2nd March 1907, two weeks after his death.

Birth data: 27th July 1835, Valdicastello (Lucca), 44N01, 10E26, 1h00m P.M., 22h18m UT. Rectified time: none.
Source: AstroDataBank: Carducci Giosue, rating AA.
Death: 16th February 1907, 72nd year. Anaeretic directions: Sun to the partile equidistance with Mars. Saturn to the Sun (distance 0.07 hours). In the return: The Sun is with Mars and with Praesepe; Saturn is at MC with the Water of the Aquarius. Please notice that: the zodiacal direction of the Sun falls at 20°31 Libra, three degrees from natal Saturn.


The profected horoscope, in Gemini, arrives on natal Mars and on the directed Moon on the 26th June 1971, seven days before death.

Birth data: 8th December 1943, Melbourne (Florida), 28N04, 80W36. Rectified time:15h47m UT (-8m).
Source: AstroDataBank: Morrison Jim, rating AA, 11h55m A.M., 15h55m UT.
Death: 3rd July 1971, 28th year. Anaeretic directions: Saturn to IC, Mars to the Moon (distance 0.04). In the return: Mars opposes  the Moon by declination, and the natal Moon.


The profected horoscope, in Aquarius, transits on Mars of the return on the 26th January 2002, five days before his death.

Birth data:12nd November 1998, Aosta, 45N44, 7E19. Rectified time: 7h23m30s UT (-1m30s).
Source: AstroDataBank: Lorenzi Samuele, Rodden rating AA, ore 8h25m, 7h25m UT.
Death: 31st January 2002, 4th year. Anaeretic direction: Mars to the MC. In the return: Saturn is at MC, with Aldebaran.


The profected horoscope is in Pisces and arrives to the return Saturn on 8th December 1936, two days before death

Birth data: 28th June 1867, Agrigento, 37N18, 13E35. Rectified time: 2h27m UT (+5m).
Source: AstroDataBank: Pirandello Luigi, Rodden rating AA ore 3h15m, 2h22m UT.
Death: 10th December 1936, 70th year. Anaeretic direction: Mars to the Sun (0.06), declination of the Sun to the Part of Fortune (0.00). In the return: Mars is with the Sun, the Moon opposite to the Part of Fortune, Saturn is with Andromeda nebula.


The profected horoscope is in Virgo and arrives to the return Saturn on 8th July 2009, thirteen days after the death.

Birth data: 29th August 1958, Gary (Indiana, USA), 41N35, 87W31. Rectified time: 4h38m15s UT, 30th August 1958 (-30m45s).
Source: AstroDataBank: Jackson Michael (1958), Rodden rating DD, 12h09m PM, 5h09m UT.
After consulting various testimonies, very different from each other, we anticipated of about 30 minutes the time given by Jackson, according the anaeretic direction. We notice that if we rectify the time according the exact encounter of the profected horoscope with the degree of return Saturn, we get  11h43m  PM (4h43 UT),  which is exactly the birth time rectified by Benjamin Dykes[17].
Death: 25th June 2009, 51st year. Anaeretic direction: Moon to the equidistance with the Sun. In the return: The Sun is with Saturn, Tychê is with the Part of Illness and Aldebaran.


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[16]  We remind you that being a Southern geniture, on 21st March the Sun enters in the first autumnal sign, Libra, and consequently all stars' coordinates should be reversed with respect of the Northern Hemisphere.

[17]   Benjamin Dykes, Using Medieval Astrology: Michael Jackson’s Nativity, 2004. Shortly after Jackson death, Dykes states: «In 2009 I will update the article and look at some traditional longevity methods to see what light they can shed on Jackson’s death». I believe that this encounter of profection could well represent this kind of light.

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