association for the study of classical astrology


Cielo e Terra (Sky and Earth) is a non-profit association, founded in 1999 with the intention to promote a serious and thorough study of the ancient science of the stars.

By the term classical astrology, we mean the doctrinal corpus including the period from first centuries before the Christian age until the first half of the XVII century, in particular referring to Ptolemy and his major commentators' works.

The Association considers important the techniques of foresighting of the ancient astrologers, the technical terms of this art, organizes courses and lessons of classical astrology, and intends to promote the exchange of knowledge between scholars in Italy and abroad.

Some texts of our italian website have been translated in english:

of the Year 379
Bright, passionate, harmful and helpful stars
Table of the stars
Constellations maps
Albumasar Astrological metaphors
Giuseppe Bezza What is classical astrology
Giuseppe Bezza Al ghûl, the ogre
Giuseppe Bezza Some considerations about hyleg and alcochoden
Giuseppe Bezza The profection. How it should be calculated, how it should be interpreted
Marco Fumagalli The profection encounters
Marco Fumagalli The calculation of the lots, according to Placidus
Marco Fumagalli The earthquake of western Sichuan
Marco Fumagalli The dark sky
The development of astrology